CZ P-10 S 9MM 3.5-inches 12Rds Orange-Front-Night-Sight


CZ P-10 S 9MM 3.5-inches 12Rds Orange-Front-Night-Sight

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CZ P-10 Subcompact 9MM 12Rds 3.5-inches Black Orange-Front-Night-Sight Specifications:

The US-made P-10s retain all the features that have made them a resounding success- the crisp trigger, superior ergonomics and rugged reliability that set it apart from many in the striker-fired crowd. P-10s feature a single tritium lamp in the front with a large orange surround and a serrated black rear. Optics-Ready versions ship with a blank filler plate. One change that happens on both the US-made and Czech-made P-10s is the switch to a swappable magazine release. With a change in geometry, the goal was to eliminate the stiffness some customers experienced as the magazine release broke in, even though it became smooth after some use. This new reversible release just requires a few minutes to swap, allowing the pistol to remain lefty-friendly.

CZ P-10 Subcompact 9MM 12Rds 3.5-inches Black Orange-Front-Night-Sight Specifications:

  • TYPE: Semi-Auto Pistol
  • ACTION: Double Action Only
  • FINISH: Black Polycoat
  • STOCK/FRAME: Polymer Frame
  • STOCK/GRIPS: Black Polymer
  • WEIGHT: 24.4 oz.
  • CAPACITY: 12 plus 1
  • BARREL: 3.5-inches
  • SIGHTS: FS:Orange Night Sight RS:Black
  • SAFETY: Firing Pin Block/Trigger
  • ADDL INFO: Ambi Slide Release
  • ADDL INFO: Reversible Mag Catch