Lsx Shotgun Extension Tube – Mossberg 590, +2




LSX Shotgun Extension Tube Lancer’s carbon fiber LSX extended shotgun magazine tubes are the ultimate increased capacity solution for hunting, competition, and home defense. Designed to install in place of the factory magazine tube cap, these smooth-feeding extension tubes provide increased capacity for most popular shotgun models while adding considerably less swing weight than traditional aluminum extension tubes.Includes an extra-long spring which can be cut to the desired length during installation. Extension tube clamps are available for tubes that extend beyond the end of the barrel.Lancer LSX tubes are sold in a variety of capacity configurations, which are labeled according to how many additional shells they will hold in the tube. For example, if your shotgun currently holds 3 shells in the factory tube and you add a +5 LSX tube, you will now be able to hold 8 total shells in the tube.Note: Capacity rating is based on standard 2-3/4? shells. Measurements are OAL (Overall Length), and include the extension nut.  Description:Mossberg: 590Capacity Increase: +2 (6.5)Precision machined aluminum adapter nutLightweight carbon-fiber tubeAvailable for Benelli, Beretta, Mossberg, Remington, and Stoeger modelsSelect from +2 through +9 lengths for most models Disclaimer; In some states, the same regulations that apply to capacity limits on detachable rifle and pistol magazines may also apply to shotgun magazine tubes. It is the customer’s responsibility to research the laws and regulations in their state and community prior to purchasing an extended magazine tube.