L5awm® +6 Extended Basepad – Od Green




L5AWM® +6 Extended Basepad Increase magazine capacity and improve reloading efficiency with Lancer L5AWM® +6 Extended Basepads Description:OD GreenIncreases L5AWM capacity by (6) six roundsOptimized for use with original magazine springSpeeds up reloads by increasing magazine drop efficiencyInstalls in seconds; no additional tools or permanent modifications requiredCNC machined from 6061 aluminum; anodized and laser engravedCompatible with all standard capacity L5 Advanced Warfighter Magazines®Designed, tooled, manufactured, and assembled in the USASingle Basepad: Includes (1) L5AWM +6 Extended Basepad and 5/64? Hex KeyMag: L5AWM 10    W/Ext BP: 16 rounds     Total: 16+1Mag: L5AWM 20    W/Ext BP: 26 rounds     Total: 26+1Mag: L5AWM 30    W/Ext BP: 36 rounds     Total: 36+1