Victory Vap Sport Arrows 250 Raptor Vanes 6 Pk.


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The Victory Armour Piercing line of arrow shafts is an ultra-small diameter, thick walled arrow designed for accuracy and increased penetration. Features high quality carbon composite construction, straightness tolerance of +- .006”, and weight tolerance of +- 0.5 grains. Available in sizes 250 (9.8 GPI), 300 (8.7 GPI), 350 (7.8 GPI), 400 (7.1 GPI), and 500 (6.0 GPI). Nocks and inserts included. Factory fletched with 2 Raptor vanes. Features:Ultra-small diameter shaft designed for accuracy and penetration;Spine indexed;Straightness tolerance: +-.006;Factory fletched with Raptor vanes