Swhacker Levi Morgan Series Broadheads 125 Gr. 2.25 In. Cut 3 Pk. W- Set Screw


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The #269 blends unprecedented broadhead technology with field point accuracy. The unique arced blade design reduces blade resistance after entry, retaining greater arrow momentum and delivering increased pass-through performance.  The reinforced ribbed ferrule delivers up to 20% greater strength and rigidity. The #269 also includes Swhacker’s Blade-Lock Technology, allowing the expandable blades to be locked in the closed position so hunters can practice with the exact broadhead they will be using in the field.  The #269 is 1-inch in flight and 2.5-inches after penetration. Features:Reinforced ribbed ferrule;Anondized aircraft aluminum delivers up to 20% greater strength and rigidity;Arced stainless steel .032 blade design;Blade-Lock Technology;Hunt ready plug system