S&W 4013TSW Tactical Blem Frame Strut Damaged 2005 Rail .40 Smith & Wesson 104444 12 shot with Pre-Ban Magazine additional 11 round prebans available


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This listing is for the exact pistol in the photos. Please note that the pin strut on the left side of the frame is damaged, as the photos show. This is Smith & Wesson’s all metal 4013 TSW Tactical compact service pistol chambered in .40 S&W Caliber. Manufacturer is Smith & Wesson of Springfield, MA. Production on the 4013 TSW ran from 1997 until 2008 or thereabouts, never in great quantities. From its BDK serial number prefix, it left Springfield in 2005. Type is locked breech, hammer fired, double and single action semi automatic pistol. Construction is stainless steel slide, steel barrel, magazine body, and working parts in an alloy frame. Chambering is .40 Smith & Wesson Caliber. Barrel is the distinctive and accurate ball joint type, 3 1/2 inch with 5 groove right hand 1:18.75 rifling. Slide is stainless steel, with lateral rear serrations, with a full length steel guide rod. Sights are factory Novak white dot, dovetailed front and rear, and drift adjustable for windage only. Frame incorporates an M1913 Picatinny compatible rail. Trigger is .305 smooth faced, with matching factory bobbed hammer, pulls double action at 11 pounds vicinity consistent pull with 1 inch travel. Magazine is late 1980s production extended capacity, 19353 factory steel bodied with steel spring and inner plate; and with an A6917 Grip Adapter, black polymer floorplate and yellow cartridge follower. It holds 11 rounds of .40 S&W caliber ammunition, so 11 + 1 fully loaded capacity. That is 3 more rounds than the standard 4013 magazine. Grip frame front strap is checkered surface, with one piece straight MSH replacement grip. This 4013 TSW variant has a firing pin safety and a magazine safety. It will NOT fire single shot with the magazine removed.Weight empty is 28 1/2 oz; weight fully loaded will be a bit over 39 ounces. Overall length is 7 inches; 5 1/2 inch height; and 1 inch frame width at the ejection port. Finish is matte SS sl and barrel, matte coated alloy frame, and black melonite sights, trigger, levers and hammer. Apart from the frame damage we have pointed out, Surface detractions are moderate, moderate lateral edge wear to the frame and grips. We rate it as Good, perhaps Very Good, 75 percent vicinity by our estimate, but photos ought to suffice for our distinguished shoppers to judge finish grade for themselves. This pistol served in the Caribbean as a Cold Warrior and Drug Warrior, in the environs of Borinquen Air Station keeping an eye on Cuba, Venezuela, and Colombia. We estimate it was fired fewer than 500 times for annual qualification. Bore, chamber, and mechanism are all bright and clean. Grip fits well; our photographer carries a similar condition 4013TSW with a frame strut blemish like this one. Replacement pricing on the last production 4013 in 2008 was over $1,000 on smith-wesson com. We’re offering the 4013 TSW in the photos, however, for only $ 339.00.
Not transferable to civilian residents of California, but Transferable to Massachusetts civilians. Add any number of Pre-Ban 11 round magazines with grip adapters only $39.00, transferable to MA HC Permit holders.