Star Super B or model A 9mm .38 ACP Pistol Magazine Catch Assembly: Mag Catch, Mag Catch Lock, and Mag Catch Spring $3 Ship pt938SB28V


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Photos are representative, but buyer will receive a virtually identical set of parts to the photo specimens, from the same department. This listing is for factory Star parts to fit Star Super A or Super B pistols, chambered in 9mm or .38 ACP or Super caliber, to wit, ONE magazine catch or magazine release assembly. These will not fit any other model or caliber. Manufacturer was Star Bonifacio Echeverria, S.A., of Eibar, Spain. Parent pistols were dated and coded in the early 1970s. Construction is entirely milled steel, with spring steel spring. Parts included are view numbers 28 Magazine Catch, 29 Magazine Catch Lock, and 30 Magazine Catch Spring. Finish is blued steel. Surface detractions are moderate, principally operation edge wear and stress to the screw slot. We rate them as Very Good, 75 percent vicinity by our estimate. Buyer will receive a kit or set of parts from the same importer lot of 50 some odd pistols that we disassembled. We’re offering the eminently serviceable factory Star Super B Magazine Catch Assemblies, each for only $ 29.00.