Warne CZ 527 1″ Matte Rings



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Inter-Store Transfer

If this item is out of stock at your local RifleGear but available at our other location, no problem. Just place your order and select In-Store Pickup as the shipping method. As long as the item is legal in your location, we will transfer the item for you. You will be notified by email once your item has arrived at the destination. Warne 1″ CZ Fixed Rings designed specifically to fit CZ 527 16mm receiver dovetails. Uses 4 T-15 Torx style socket cap screws for a secure and permanent optic mounting solution.
Installation:  Remove the 4 screws from both rings. Place the scope in the ring halves and re-insert recoil key. Start all 4 screws on both rings and move scope with rings to your scope bases. Place rings onto the bases with the recoil keys in the slots. Push each ring towards the muzzle to seat the recoil key and tighten only the bottom screws to 25in/lb* max. Adjust eye relief and level the reticle. Once both are correct, tighten the top screws on both rings to 25 in/lb* max.


Permanently attaches to base.

CZ specific recoil pin for positive engagement of ring to receiver dovetail.

Rings securely mount around scope using 4 Torx style T-15 socket cap screws, 25 in/lb. of torque recommended.



.425″ added(fits 20-42mm objective)

.535″ added(fits 42-52mm objective)

Ring Weight

5.3 oz

6.0 oz