Tipton One-Piece Deluxe Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod 36″


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Carbon fiber rods are an ideal material for the tough tasks assigned to cleaning rods. Carbon fiber rods have the advantage of stainless steel rods but without the risk of scratching the bore or leaving abrasive particles. Carbon fiber also won’t pick up damaging particles like coated steel rods. This one-piece design features a ergonomic handle which is designed to spin on ball bearings-resulting in smooth operation following the barrels rifling. A “shank-through” construction allows the user to apply reasonable hammer blows to allowtight patches through the bore.
Rifle and handgun rods are threaded for 8-32 accessories, except 17 caliber and 20 caliber rods which are threaded 5-40 . Shotgun rods are threaded 5/16″-27 .


Hang hole for easy storage. Also allows for reasonable hammer blows to clear a stubborn patch.

Two sets of high quality bearings that won’t bind under pressure and allows the shaft to follow the rifling.

Comfortable ergonomic shape. Handle remains fixed in your hand while the shaft rotates on the bearings to follow rifling.

Shank-through construction for working tight patches.

Carbon fiber shaft won’t embed particles that could damage your rifle bore.