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The HK45 is fullsized like the Universal Selfloading Pistol USP but with ergonomic styling like the P2000. The HK45 adds front end grip serrations on the slide a Picatinny rail and an Oring polygonal barrel for increased accuracy and more consistent lockup of the slide and barrel during cycling. HKs unique internal mechanical recoil reduction system reduces recoil by as much as 30 and the polymer frame with a textured ergonomic grip allows the pistol to sit lower into the web of the hand contributing to recoil management and greater control of the weapon. This pistol features interchangeable backstraps night sights and an extended ambidextrous slide release. The HK45 has ambidextrous controls enabling the control lever to be switched from the left to the right side of the pistol additional parts required for true ambidextrous use a control lever can be mounted on each side of the pistol. The HK45 has been extensively tested and operationally proven and it is wellsuited for personal defense use. This model comes with 3 magazines.