BUG-A-SALT 3.0 – Orange Crush


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The BUG-A-SALT 3.0 with increased power and durability. Updated model features a new cross bolt safety, lighter trigger mechanism, updated patridge sight, stronger spring and improved salt hopper.
The Bug-A-Salt shoots a shotgun spray of regular table salt and decimates flies on contact.  A surefire fun way to enjoy a disgusting task.  Rid your house of all those pesky pests and have a blast while doing it.

A miniaturized shotgun effect is generated through this ingenious design. Ordinary table salt is utilized as a lethal projectile with accuracy range of within 3 feet. Bugs will remain whole for easy clean up.

Updated Features

New Cross Bolt Safety! Once it’s on, it’s on. Once it’s off, it’s off. Feel free to rapid fire, folks!

Sleek design has streamlined the feel of the gun. It’s like butter on toast.

Updated engineering on trigger mechanism. It’s now VERY light – so be careful!

Barrel has been lifted & Patridge sight added for extremely accurate shooting. You can shoot the fly in the back of the neck now!

Improved, more durable salt hopper makes tactical reloads easy during the heat of battle.

Stronger spring creates a tighter salt pattern.




No batteries

Extremely inexpensive to use

Excellent for flies on windows

Excellent for bugs on ceilings and in corners

Fun—Say goodbye to insect intruders