B&T Haenel CR223


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The B&T Haenel CR223 is a world class AR pattern weapon system that uses a self regulating, short stroke gas piston operating system for extreme reliability. Imported to the US by B&T as the BT-15, the Haenel CR223 chambered in 5.56NATO/.223REM was recently chosen over the HK 416 to replace the G36 by the German armed forces. No small accomplishment considering the legendary history and reliability of the 416. This BT-15 pistol variant features a 10.5″ tapered barrel with a 1:10 twist and 8″ M-Lok handguard. The ergonomic CR223 sports ambidextrous controls and a flared magwell along with an excellent single stage trigger that breaks at around 4 lbs. A full length Picatinny top rail provides ample room for optics and comes equipped with flip up sights. B&T chose to import the CR223 without flashy options, choosing instead to provide a reliable, functional weapon system that users can make their own. This pistol comes equipped with an A2 flash hider, A2 grip and bare buffer tube for your choice of brace or stock should you opt to convert it to an SBR (short- barreled rifle).