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The Citori 725 is engineered to get your eye closer to the axis of the barrels making you more one with the gun” and allowing instinct to take over and put more pellets on target all while providing the exquisite looks and workmanship you can expect from a Browning over and under. The low profile receiver makes the Citori 725 feel incredibly balanced in your hands while InvectorDS offers the most consistent reliable tightening of any system ever. The tapered locking bolt engages a fullwidth tapered recess in the rear barrel lugs. The hinge pin extends from one side of the receiver to the other for maximum strength. The Citori 725 utilizes Brownings Total barrel dynamics and Inflex II technology. It comes equipped with the Triple Trigger System which fine tunes fingertotrigger length of pull. Choose a wide checkered narrow smooth or wide smooth canted trigger shoe. The Field model features a Fire Lite Mechanical Trigger vent rib engraved receiver Inflex recoil pad and ivory bead sight.”