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The HMR Pro Rifle uses the Bergara Premier Action which is designed as a twolug system that features a separate floating bolt head to ensure contact with the lug abutments in the action. It also features a coneshaped bolt nose for smooth feeding of the cartridge and a springloaded sliding plate extractor. The onepiece bolt body is stainless steel with a pad at the rear to accept the threadedin bolt handle. The bolt head the nonrotating gas shield the bolt handle and bolt shroud are fully Nitrided for extreme durability as well as its selflubricating properties. The twoposition safety is part of the trigger assembly which in the HMR Pro rifle is a TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology. One great feature of this combination allows the bolt handle not to lock in the closed position which in turn allows the rifle to be unloaded while in the safe position.