KG9 9MM Machine Gun


KG9 9MM Machine Gun

KG9 Machine Gun


The TEC-9 and, eventually, TEC-DC9 variants of KG9 9MM Machine Gun were listed among the 19 firearms banned by name in the USA by the now expired 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB). This ban caused the cessation of their manufacture, and forced Intratec to introduce a newer model called the AB-10, a TEC-9 Mini without a threaded muzzle/barrel shroud and limited to a 10-round magazine instead of a 20- or 32-round magazine. However, it accepted the standard capacity magazines of the pre-ban models.

The weapon was the subject of controversy following its use in the 101 California Street shootings and later the Columbine High School massacre. California amended its 1989 Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act (AWCA) later in 1999, effective January 2000, to ban firearms having features such as barrel shrouds. KG9 9MM Machine Gun

In 2001, the Supreme Court of California ruled that Intratec was not liable for the 1993 California Street attacks. In that same year, the company went out of business and production of the AB-10 model ceased.

Although still found on the used firearms market, the TEC-9 and similar variants are banned, often by name, in several states including California, New York, New Jersey and Maryland.


KG9 9MM Machine Gun


The KG9 9MM Machine Gun is in excellent condition. It has the more desirable fore grip installed on the shroud.  You don’t see very many of these around!

The KG9 9MM Machine Gun or KG-9 is an American version of the Swedish Interdynamic MP-9. 

The KG-9 was designed as a cheap submachine gun for military applications however Interdynamic was unable to drum up any interest among governments, and the subgun never entered production in Sweden.

Unwilling to give up on the design, Interdynamic set up a U.S. subsidiary intended principally to market a version, named the KG-9 after the two principal partners Kelgren & Garcia, to civilians under the name Interdynamic USA.

In 1982, after less than a year of production, the ATF classified the KG-9 as a Title II “machine gun” on the basis that its open-bolt design made it “readily convertible” to fully-automatic fire.

This forced Interdynamic to redesign the KG-9 into a closed bolt system, birthing the KG-99. In 1984 Kelgren sold his shares to Garcia, who renamed the company to Intratec. They rebranded the KG-99 as the Tec-9 and changed a few features.


Mass: 3.8 pounds

Barrel length: 6.8 inches

Cartridge: 9×19

Action: Straight Blowback

Rate of Fire: 1000 Rounds/Min

Muzzle Velocity: 1200-1400 ft/s

Effective firing range: 55 Meters

Feed system: 10, 20, 32, 36 and 50-round magazines