Kahr P9-2 Pistol 9mm 3.6 In. Black And Blackened Stainless 7 Rd.


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The Kahr P9-2 pistol is a concealable 9mm pistol with 7+1 capacity. The P9-2 has a 3.6” Walther Lothar barrel with polygonal rifling, improving accuracy and increasing muzzle velocity. Gen 2 pistols have tightened tolerances, a reversible magazine catch, front slide serrations, the DAO trigger stroke has been shortened allowing for quick firing rates with an integrated safety. The Gen 2 P9 also has a rail on the front of the frame and includes TruGlo night sights. Features:3.6 Walther Lothar barrel with polygonal rifling;Black polymer frame/ Accessory rail;Black stainless steel slide;Trigger cocking DAO trigger with lock breech;TruGlo TFX night sights