Gun Transfer for West Tennessee Area Buyers through Robertson Trading Post from other sellers


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This listing includes one transfer fee for one firearm; the shipping charge is not really for shipping, rather, it is for the Tennessee State Fee of $10.00. Our fee is $29.00 for the first gun, $29 for each additional handgun on that day, but $10 for an additional long gun. We charge $8.00 if the seller neglects to send a lock.
Robertson Trading Post will receive and transfer firearms from other dealers or even individuals provided they and the buyer or transferee adhere to certain rules. Foremost, the buyer who completes Federal Form 4473 must be the actual buyer and owner of the firearm, with her or his own funds. You cannot use your mother’s credit card, in other words, to buy a gun. The word “for” will stop a sale here. Buyer must be a resident of the State of Tennessee for handguns or other weapons such as cruiser grip shotguns, and at least 21 years of age; or a resident of Tennesseee or of a contiguous state (Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, or Arkansas) for a long gun, and at least 18 years of age. Buyer must pass a TICS, Tennessee Instant Check System, background check and must pay the State’s Fee of $10 for a single transaction, no extra if there are more than one firearm. Seller or source of the firearm must provide either a copy of their Federal Firearms License packaged in with the firearm; or a copy of their State Issued Photo Identification if they are not an FFL dealer. Seller or source must include a lock with a handgun. Transfer service is available Tuesday through Thursday from 9 AM until 2:30 PM. This transfer and its fee, or the state fee, is Not Refundable if the buyer cannot pass the background check.
Buyers should receive tracking numbers from the seller / shipper / supplier that tells them when the firearm gets here. Notifying transferees is not our responsibility.
Receiving buyers should schedule an appointment by email, to john at or james at robertsontradingpost com. Come to 117 Front Street, press the intercom button, and tell us your name and that you’re here for a transfer. Give us your state issued photo ID through the lobby slot, and we will give you a clipboard with the 4473 Form. Once we have an approval, and you have completed the form, we will bring the firearm, and gun lock and YHSA paper if it is a handgun, and set it through the lobby slot, along with a transfer invoice and the buyer’s / transferee’s identification. He or she can then get the gun(s) and go.
If the background check is delayed more than 30 minutes, there will be a possible need to return at a later time, the next day or something. That is beyond our control. If the background check is Denied, we will furnish a receipt with the TICS number, and an appeal form that the buyer or transferee can mail to Tennessee Instant Check System in Nashville. TICS almost always adjudicates denials in a timely manner, usually 10 days.
So, if you want us to receive and transfer a firearm, please run this form through as a purchase and include a note with the seller’s email address so we can send her / him our license.