C&H 6mm/244 Remington FL Die Set


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Description: C&H 6mm/244 Remington FL Die Set

This C&H 6mm/244 REMington Full Length die set is used and in excellent condition. Included is a new C&H Die box a reloading data sheet.

These soldiers are ready for duty.

MSRP: $61.83

We’ve done the following to our Used Dies:

Initial Inspection: The dies are disassembled, inspected inside and out, top to bottom, for any corrosion, blemishes and any damage to the die or its components.

Replace & Clean: The dies are degreased and thoroughly cleaned inside and out. Any damaged or missing parts are replaced with new and/or serviceable replacement parts from the die manufacturer. We will note any aftermarket/non-standard parts installed.

Die Boxes: The die boxes are thoroughly cleaned. If the die box is unserviceable, it is replaced with a new one. Any damaged or illegible labels are replaced with the die sets information.

Final Inspection: We inspect the dies to ensure they are properly assembled and all parts are functioning as required. We apply a light coat of oil to inhibit any future corrosion.